Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. Membership Application & Code of Ethics

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As a member of Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. (SSRI), I pledge to perform all rescue-related activities in accordance with the following Code of Ethics:

1. General Conduct

a) I will perform my rescue activities on a purely voluntary basis, receiving no personal gifts or monetary compensation for my rescue work.

b) I will conduct my rescue efforts for SSRI and any other rescue group as a non-profit endeavor.

c) My rescue work for SSRI will be performed in accordance with the policies, procedures, and guidelines of SSRI as set forth in the bylaws and approved by the membership.

d) I will restrict my representation to no more than three recognized breeds in order to uphold the best interests of each breed.

e) I will never use or promote any intact rescue candidate for breeding purposes.

2. Fostered Animal Care

a) I will house rescued animals under sanitary conditions, providing appropriate food, clean water, and shelter for all animals in my care.

b) I will arrange for veterinary care for fostered rescue animals.

c) I will maintain detailed medical records of all veterinary care administered to each animal under my care and will make these records immediately available to both the adopter and to SSRI upon the animal’s adoption.

d) I will make every effort to thoroughly temperament test each animal in my care and will exercise good judgment to assure its suitability for placement.

e) I will make SSRI aware if any rescued animals in my care should be deemed not adoptable for reasons of health, temperament, or any other reason for which they should be humanely euthanized by a veterinarian or certified euthanasia technician.

3. Adoptions

a) I will educate potential adopters regarding issues relative to English Springer Spaniel traits, i.e., temperament, health, training, and care.

b) I will ensure that an application is obtained from any prospective adopter and will thoroughly interview potential adopters utilizing two or more methods, i.e., written application, phone interview, veterinary reference, home visit, or face-to-face interview with the goal of placing all rescue animals in homes that are breed-appropriate and specifically suited to the individual animal.

c) I will arrange for the sterilization of all rescue animals prior to adoption. The adoption of any unsterilized animal must be approved by SSRI’s Board of Directors.

d) I will fully, honestly, and accurately disclose, in writing, any and all known health and temperament information about each rescued animal to the adopting family.

e) I will provide courteous follow-up advice and assistance to adopters.

f) I will ensure that any AKC registration paperwork available on a rescued animal and released to the adopted are clearly marked as “Limited Registration.”

g) I will never accept into the program, transport, or place a SSRI program dog without first having completed the paperwork as required.

4. Inter-Organizational/Inter-Personal Relations

a) As a representative of SSRI, I will at all times conduct myself in a helpful, courteous, and honest manner such that my behavior brings credit to the image of SSRI and animal rescue in general.

b) I will abide by all written contracts entered into with a releasing agency or person.

c) I will return phone calls to and reply to emails from agencies/private owners with animals in a timely manner. If I am unable to respond promptly, I will make alternative provisions to have calls/emails handled by another rescue representative.

d) I will respect the privacy of all emails/posts to any SSRI lists of which I am a member and will not cross-post, forward, or otherwise share the content of these emails with anyone outside of SSRI without the consent of the author(s).

I, (see name in the form below) herein agree to abide:

by the SSRI Code of Ethics and understand that failure to adhere to the mission, goals, policies, and procedures of SSRI will be grounds for immediate termination of membership from the group.