Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. Foster Application and Membership Application & Code of Ethics

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Become a B&B for a Springer. Fosters play special roles in SSRI because they share their home with the foster dog. A foster helps us know more about the Springer they are fostering to be able to determine who might be a good match for the dog’s needs and desires. Fostering starts before the dog is available for adoption. Usually, it takes about 4 weeks of care at a minimum. Some dogs take longer because of health issues to be resolved or training that is needed. Fosters get to know the dog and help us find the best home for the Springer.

Not all Springers are alike in looks or personalities. They, like, people have activity likes and dislikes. When we say “it’s about the dogs,” we also mean we are matchmakers to determine what the dog wants.

Fostering means taking them to the vet for care, buying good food and getting them exercise and play time along with loving time. We also ask fosters to help us get the dogs to events so they can be met by prospective adopters.

SSRI pays for the medical care although some fosters do that too. This may include supplements needed by the seniors.

Fosters usually pay for the dog food.

Fosters that can pay for the grooming otherwise we will pay for it every 6 weeks.

Fosters share weekly photos and stories on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media as well as for Petfinder.

Become a foster and help a dog.

We have fosters who choose to foster continually so they can help more dogs.

Sometimes, a foster gets a dog they can’t part with so they get to adopt the Springer. There is nothing more satisfying than fostering and helping a dog in need find a new home that matches them… their forever home.

Questions regarding an application that has been already submitted should be directed to Nadine Van Alstine (gottaluvspringers@gmail.com).