In 2007, Senior Spaniel Rescue, Inc. became a 501(c)3 and was incorporated in Nevada by a group of Springer lovers who saw a need to rescue older Springer Spaniels. For many years, this rescue helped only English Springers ages 7 years and older in NV, UT, and AZ. In 2015, because of requests of Springer lovers, it expanded to NM and CA helping seniors. By 2016, the need of younger Springers being left behind and neglected, caused the leadership of SSRI to expand helping younger Springers, the grandkids. In 2017, it expanded to OK, CO, WY, and NE because of requests of Springer lovers.

In 2017, SSRI became Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. to reflect its current functional purpose to save neglected and emotionally rejected English Springer Spaniels and after appropriate medical care and grooming, find loving homes that match the dog’s desires and needs. As it grew, it has kept its culture and mission of “it’s about the dogs, not internal political structure.” This positive emphasis has meant positive people working together to help these dogs find the right homes, not just a good home. “We are matchmakers” is the premise of this rescue.

To start our own treasury, we collected extra funds at our initial meals and added their own funds in to help the original dogs. As it grew, fundraising at events and through the website became very important.  The dogs need a lot more funds than extra tips could provide.

In recent years, individual donors, GoFundMe pages, and Facebook pages like Clayton Nation from the US and Spaniels Rock from the UK have helped support the efforts of the many volunteers. Local events like holiday gift wrapping and Find Your Furry Valentine at Bass Pro Shops have financially help support SSRI.

Every dog comes in and gets an exam and appropriate medical tests to determine its baseline health. Then if surgery is necessary to help them become healthy and adoptable, it is scheduled. In 2017, the average cost for medical care costs SSRI about $800.

We need more sources of revenues. Many from around the country have asked how to include SSRI in their wills and trusts because they like what we do and how we do it. If you would like to include SSRI in your will or trust, please visit this page.