Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. began as Senior Spaniel Rescue Inc. in 2007 focusing on senior dogs over the age of 7 because they were being left behind in shelters to die because of their costs of care and low adoption rate. In 2015, we began to take in dogs who were getting left behind in shelters. Our hearts have said it is time to help Springers of all ages who are homeless or in a neglected situation. We are located in the western States and focus on homeless Springers in AZ, CA, CO, NE, NM, NV, WA, OR, ID, and WY.

The mission for Springer Spaniel Rescue Inc. is to help Springers of all ages to find new homes when through no fault of their own they have become homeless. Specifically, SSRI will

• Help dogs in need, who are losing their homes, been left in a shelter or owners needing help

• Show compassion for senior dogs needing a home

• Love the breed enough to find homes for seniors and younger ones too

• Speak with candor regarding the dog’s needs and behaviors and matching the dog to the right humans

• Have the satisfaction of seeing others enjoy their dogs

• Help people live longer because they live with a loving Springer Spaniel


• Assisting owners who can no longer care for their Springers by taking the dogs into SSRI

• Locating and placing all ages of Springer Spaniels in foster and ultimately in forever homes