Oliver’s Fund, at the suggestion of Ronnie Riner and Barb Bracken, was created in loving memory of Oliver Mrozek. 

Here is Oliver’s story, as shared by Kim Mrozek, Oliver’s Mom:

Oliver was a mentor to every foster dog and welcomed them and showed them how to be comfortable and feel love. He also taught them boundaries, shared his bed and his parents with them.

We never had to take him to training and the boy understood English. He knew exactly what we said and did so when he wanted. He had a magical connection to my kids and gave everyone a special kind of love.

He became an emotional support dog would instinctively sit or lay on my daughter and lick her tears. It was the most amazing thing to watch. He protected her and took in every emotion and tried to help her.

He was my little special boy that made me laugh every day. He played like a puppy at age 8 and loved his duck. He could roll on his back and shake the treats out of a Kong so fast into his mouth. He loved it when I dressed him up and I guess this is from going trick or treating with the kids every year.

He loved to dress up, go for rides in the car, trips to Home Depot and he LOVED camping in the mountains.

He also was a fecal donor for Clayton that saved Clayton’s life. He also donated to a sweet yellow Lab named Moon Man. The doctors called it Fecal Microbiota Transplant “FMT” but Clayton Nation called it a POO Transplant and named Oliver the Fecal Founder.

Oliver lived his life helping others. His life on earth was cut way too short by an aggressive intestinal cancer. We miss him but his memories and what he did for fosters will live on.

We were very lucky to be picked as his family. I hope his memory and the chance that we didn’t get to help fight cancer will help other rescues that can be saved in his memory.

Please consider donating to Senior Spaniel Rescue in Oliver’s memory.

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