SSRI Board

President: Mary Sanders,
Vice President: Mary Kay Gauron,
Treasurer: Jill Langerman,
Secretary: Patti Meeker,

Lead Volunteers

Lead Volunteer: Jamie Balazs:

AZ: Laurel Fagg:
NORTHERN AZ: Melissa Noor:
UT, CO, NE, WY: Nadine Van Alstine:
NM: Ronnie Riner:

Committee Chairs

Fundraisers – Maggie Ford,
Instagram – Maggie Ford,
Transportation – Mary Sanders,

Becoming An SSRI Member

Membership means getting involved and working as a team with members across the region. We work together. The organizational culture embraces the view: “it’s about the dogs” and the methods of “the business with a heart” to stretch funds.

We are passionate about helping all ages of Springer Spaniels including seniors and juniors. We give them medical care, behavioral training if needed, and therapeutic treatments to help them get ready for adoption by people who will love and care for them.

We are matchmakers not sales people when it comes to the dogs we rescue, we find the right people for the dog’s needs and desires. This means dogs come into foster care for 3-4 weeks before being promoted for adoption. In that period of fostering we find out what the dog wants and needs.

If you live in the western United States and this matches your core values, we would love to have you join the team of positive, caring and wise people.

Download and complete the form below; return completed forms to

If you have questions regarding an application that has been already submitted, please contact Mary Sanders (