Andy is a gorgeous large male, 6-year-old B&W springer spaniel who came to us after his original owners were forced to give him up. An elderly couple, one of the owner’s died and the other was stricken with Alzheimer’s. Other than being overweight he was in good health upon arrival.

He is a very sensitive, “beta” or “omega” male, with that typical big springer spaniel easy going disposition. At first, he was traumatized, having lost his first family and being in an unfamiliar place. But after getting over an ear infection, getting his shots current, and getting his teeth cleaned, he’s a happy and healthy adult springer in need of a permanent home. He has already lost 6 pounds on his way to his perfect weight for his size, which is probably 55-60 lbs. He’s rather “tall” for a springer, tending toward the larger size of the males here in the 40-60 lb range. All of his markings are perfect, typical bench, with dew claws removed and tail cropped, and was fixed long ago.

Andy gets along with his two housemates at his current Foster, one a male and the other a female of similar age. He gets along with cats. Given his mellow disposition that may be possible. He has managed to use our dog door, but we do not know if this is fully engrained, or he is just learning. He has had no accidents inside, so we anticipate he’s fully housetrained.

Andy loves to be close – typical “Velcro” attachment to his people – preferring to lay by your feet if you’re in the room with him. He has excellent manners and is learning how to walk on a leash properly, and knows how to sit and stay. While he has not played with his housemates yet, we believe he may yet bond with another dog and play once his permanent “pack” is established. He’s started to initiate play with the other two dogs. Perhaps as he gets slimmer and as the heat of our desert environment ends he’ll turn those first indications into full play behavior fitting a middle-aged springer.

This dog has lots of life left and will be a wonderful addition to any human family that loves Springers. He wants to please his people. If correction is needed, all you need to do is raise your voice – he’s that sensitive. He is a great car rider and loves his daily walks.

We suggest the ideal adopter will have at least one other dog that Andy can bond with and play with, to help keep him healthy and active for the rest of his life. He’s been checked for hip dysplasia, and has some indications of this problem (like so many Springers and other breeds). However, surgery is a long way off. The Vet recommends he stay at his perfect weight, stay active, and be fed a premium diet along with fish oil and glucosamine supplements to help delay problems from the dysplasia. As we know from our other Springers, we can often delay these problems almost indefinitely if found and cared for early.

Are you the right family for Andy? He’s looking forward to meeting you soon and becoming your next family addition.


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