Harry (Las Vegas)

Harry (Las Vegas)

Harry is a sweet 2 year old Spaniel mix in Las Vegas.  He loves having a male canine playmate.  Harry loves to play he loves balls and will carry one on a walk. Harry needs someone who has rules boundaries and limitations and is very consistent with these.  He goes for runs every day with his big foster brother.

Harry has a lot of energy and is smart but needs to be with an older dog who can slow him down.  He loves to run and is very much into doing anything as long as it’s with humans he loves to lay in your lap and be petted on the stomach.   At first he is very cautious about new people other than women.  He thrives on praise and learns quickly with it.

We have been working on mouthing humans and he has stopped but again you will have to set the same rules with Harry.   He is leash trained on short leash, on long leash he will try to test you and your limits.

He is ready to be adopted by completing an adoption application

and sending it to JP Windle at jpwindle@yahoo.com.

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