Hudson is a very handsomely red boy looking for his forever home.  He is 5.5 years old and in foster care in Seattle.

His family have a very energetic two year old male and a senior female. Hudson ignores the female.  They have found the youngster is a little too much for Hudson at times because he gets anxious and will bark or growl when he feels that he has had enough.

He is fine around other dogs on the leash.  We think he would have the best time as the only dog in the family where he gets the attention of the humans.

Hudson doesn’t need you to be around all the time, he is very content on his own.  He loves to lay out on the deck and watch the world and the squirrels go by.  He also enjoys playing with his stuffed toys.

Very trainable, he knows several commands, sit, come, stay, off and stop.  He can learn more.

He will sleep in another room, on a doggie bed, couch or people bed.  We have found he does not like to be kenneled at night.   When saying goodnight he will give off a low sounding “growl”, but it is his way of saying I love you, and follows it up with lots of kisses!

Are you ready to open your heart and home to this great boy?  Adoption fee is $350.


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