Introducing Hunter! He is a stunning seven-month-old purebred English Springer Spaniel. Hunter’s past has not been so great but his future will be amazing. Unfortunately, Hunter has already been with two inexperienced owners in his short life. Now we are looking for Hunter’s final forever home.

Hunter will require an experienced Springer owner. He needs a family that will cherish his Springer qualities as well as help him achieve confidence and security. He is incredibly sweet, loving, and snuggly. However, when outside, his prey drive is full throttle. At 55 pounds, this young athletic boy will need a strong and active owner. Because Hunter spent most of his life in an apartment and in a crate, he missed out on vital socialization with dogs and humans. When Hunter first meets you or another dog, he will act timid and shy, but as soon as he knows you mean him no harm he will be your best friend. Hunter’s ideal family will be active, have a fully fenced yard with a 6ft fence, and have another dog in the home of similar size, age, and temperament. His forever family will need to be committed to a basic obedience class and as well as future training. Hunter has a zest for life and will excel at any adventure he is a part of.

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