Jaymie (Las Vegas)

Jaymie is a tri-colored, 2 year old Spraussie (Springer–Aussie mix) with the sweetest eyes and a big fluffy tail. He is very smart, and has quickly learned to come when called, sit, kennel, and shake.  He is house trained as well as crated trained. He sleeps in his crate all night without complaint and will even go in all by himself to relax at the end of the day.  Jaymie is a curious pup and likes to investigate things while out on a walk.  He is currently learning to heel on a leash. He is very good on car rides.  He hops in and makes himself comfortable until we reach our destination.  Jaymie is friendly with ladies, and although he is shy upon meeting men, he warms up to them within a few minutes.  He is not food driven, instead, he likes being praised for a job well done.  He will take treats with a gentle mouth and doesn’t beg for food. 

He can play all day, but also settles easily and gives lots of cuddles.  Jaymie currently shares his foster home with two very active female pups (a Springer Spaniel and a German Shorthair Pointer).  He likes to play tug of war and enjoys running with and being chased by his foster sisters.  He can be a little possessive over toys, but is not aggressive.  He isn’t afraid of getting wet, he chases the water hose or sprinkler and calmly waits to be towel-dried when playtime or bath time is over.  He will fetch a ball or frisbee for as long as you are willing to throw it.  Jaymie is a fairly quiet pup, and only barks to get your attention or when he is playing with his friends.   

He is looking for a home with room to run, as he has tons of energy and love to share.  Jaymie wants to be by your side, whether you are going for a walk or a car ride or just lounging around.  You get the best of both worlds with this guy, he is an active mate when you want to hike and play or can be a couch potato on a lazy day.  He is eager to please and enjoys giving kisses. He will be a great fit with any active and fun-loving family!

If you are interested in adopting Jaymie, please fill out an application form and email to applications@springerspanielrescue.org.

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