He came from the fires of southern California. His owner turned him into the shelter because they were moving to Hawaii. He was full of burrs & foxtails. The kind and caring staff at the local shelter in Irvine watched over him and helped rebuild his trust of humans and other dogs. At first he would shake and go turtle on a leash when coming out of the kennel. They gave him the patience and freedom to be lovedWe think his previous family treated him like a backyard dog…dropping food on the concrete for him and probably ignoring him because in the beginning he wouldn’t eat from a bowl.

Springer Spaniel Rescue brought him into a loving home in Las Vegas with a few canine buddiesMore transformation happened to this outside dog, who has had to learn to trust and build more confidenceLancelot has learned to live with humans and dogs in the house rather than being an outside dog. We are still working on the doggie door.  He is a mild manner dog, who loves to play with a young Springer and then cuddle up next to his buddies. He likes to walk and search out things in the park.

From his foster mom:

Lancelot gets along well with other animals too.  His foster home includes a cat.  He is always happy at the park and plays well with other dogs.  He has learned to walk on his leash and is trying hard to understand the doggie door. We are still working on that one.  He loves to have his ears and eyes rubbed and really enjoys a good chewy bone.

Ideally, we think Lancelot needs to find a relatively quiet home with another dog or two for company. 

Age: Uncertain, 8 years old…yet acts younger

Fee: $300

Contact: Springer Spaniel Rescue, at for adoption form

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