Max is the combination of two highly intelligent breeds…Springer Aussie mix creating a Spraussie. High energy. He communicates a lot nonverbally. On his first transport trip, he picked up the bowl in the back seat asking for water. He communicated it by tapping the person in the front seat with it. She complied.

He is very intelligent and needs lots of exercise daily. He loves people, all ages and wants to play with another dog in the house, who wants to play too. He needs another dog to run and play with.

Super smart and active mind. He is ready to run…needs someone to run with him or exercise him a couple times a day. He loves to chase birds and cats. He loves chew toys, tennis balls, squeaky toys and pool toys. He “accidentally falls into the pool” and swims and gets out… what a life…so if you have a pool or beach where there are birds to chase…he will be so happy.

If you are looking for a daily running companion, Max is your man.

If you are looking for a huggable dog who wants to be loved and join you on the sofa and the bed, Max is ready to be there for you. He is being trained to stay on the floor. He will sleep in his kennel at night.

Max is probably about 13 months old. He came from Utah and has been getting training in his foster home and will need more in his forever home. He’s a puppy yet so needs patience and loving firmness.

Go to and complete an adoption application for Max.


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