Stewy (Denver, CO)

If you like a dog who communicates with you, Stewy is talkative. When excited, he will whistle/whine. He makes some other cute noises in different situations. He is not an obnoxious barker (he has a baritone bark); he may bark if you are outside working in the front yard, but it does not last that long.

The first night here he hopped up on the foster’s bed, but since then he has preferred to sleep on the floor even over a doggie bed.

He walks well on a leash, but he has playfully lunged at a cyclist, and he acts protective and territorial when there are other dogs on a leash nearby. So attention and firm control with a maximum 6-foot leash is needed.  He does not act this way when at a dog park – he’s very social with new people and dogs.  

Stewy adjusted to a home with two older male Spring Spaniels quite easily. It took him a day or two to be comfortable with a doggie door and now he’s a pro with it. Stewy appears to be deaf or very hard of hearing as he does not respond to his name or any other verbal commands, but he is learning some hand signals like waving for him to come.

Stewy is currently located in Denver, Colorado.

If you are interested in adopting Stewy or another available springer, please fill out an application form and email to

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