Wendy (located in CA)

Wendy is an 11 year old senior Springer Spaniel rescue that is looking for her new forever home.  Wendy came to us from the Orange County Animal Care Center.  Wendy was in the medical area of the shelter due to multiple health issues.  In spite of her health issues, Wendy could not be sweeter.  Wendy came to us underweight, weighing only 18 pounds with a severe skin infection, some mammary cysts, and two dry eyes. Her dry eye has cleared up with twice daily applications of Optimmune and natural tears.  She will need to continue this treatment for the rest of her life. We also found out after her physical she has giardia.  As of two weeks ago, she has gained a pound, and is being treated for the giardia and hopefully will be clear when retested. 

Wendy is getting medicated baths twice a week and is on an anti-fungal for her skin, which have been a godsend.  Her hair has begun to grow back in her hind area and she feels (and looks) so much better. 

Wendy loves car rides, and she is house trained.  Wendy gets along with other dogs, cats, and children. She is a very loving, sweet, happy Springer. We know it will take a special adopter for Wendy.  Are you that adopter?  If so, please have an approved adoption application or a foster to adopt application on file.


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