Zach came to us last night…here is his story…

On a cold winter night, a sweet Springer boy was dropped off in a forest near a lake.  It was dark and no one was there for him so he moved away as his humans abandoned him.  He ran and hid out in the woods and avoided the hungry wild animals.  He must have wondered why they left him behind.  Then weeks later, some nice people found him alone and super thin.  They called a rescue because it was well known that given his limping legs, he would be put down in that area because Animal Control would not be able to help him.  The first rescue realized he was Springer and gave him a good meal and called SSRI.  He was granted a new name of Zachariah (meaning God has remembered), Zach for short.

Zach had no collar, microchip nor no home but angels were watching out for him.  It was late on a Friday night(last night) but we were there for this boy with the help of kind he needed.  The next day, he got the normal exam, tests, lab, medication for an ear infection with x-rays of his knees, and pain meds costing $650.  He was so sweet, he never reacted with more than a whimper when his legs were stretched for the x-ray.

The vet recommends immediate knee surgery and then the other one too.  Total estimated cost:  $4500 to get Zach back to be able to live without pain.  He has a long recovery ahead, please help Zach get the surgeries he needs. We, at SSRI, will make sure he never is left alone in a forest again.

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