“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

– Kinky Friedman

A lot of people envision a dog rescue as a loving chance for an abandoned pup to find a new home, and that is absolutely accurate, but it’s what we do from the time we become aware of a dog in need to the happy adoption day that is a bit less clear.

This article will take you from soup to nuts (or nose to tail) in the process that Springer Spaniel Rescue, Inc. follows to accomplish our goals of rescuing and rehoming these most precious of dogs.

Where do your dogs come from?

We find our rescue dogs in a couple different ways. Many come from local shelters with whom we have a working partnership. Shelters are always thrilled to know who to call when a dog comes in. This helps shelter staff know that they have a trusted source with similar ethical guidelines who will look after the dog and find a foster home and finally a forever home for it.

Owner relinquishments comprise another large segment of our Springer population. Oftentimes, a loving owner will die, leaving the family to sort out estate issues. Even though the dog is loved, family members are not equipped to take on that responsibility, so even though it may be difficult, they reach out to us for help. Other times, dog owners find themselves unable to care for the dog they have, and instead of rolling the dice with a shelter or pound, they find us and ask for our help. Whatever the issue is that causes an owner to relinquish his or her Springer, we are not here to judge, only to help the dog.

What happens next? 

Immediately upon our taking of the dog, we try to get it into a vet for an evaluation. This is critical, because the dog could be sick or parasitic, and we need to begin treatment as soon as possible, and we must also protect our own personal dogs and those of our trusted foster families. We obtain a fecal sample, give the dog all shots needed as well having a SNAP test performed. This is a blood test which checks for diseases such as heartworms and a variety of diseases transmitted by ticks.

At the same time that we are obtaining a physical health baseline, we are evaluating the dog for emotional issues and general personality traits. These are traumatized animals who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a place or people who are at all familiar. Since this is a common issue, many of our dogs are frightened. We are observing in order to place the dog with the proper foster home so the dog can get proper emotional bolstering, and we can find out what its actual personality looks like.

Foster Care

The intermediate step of foster care is crucial to the success of the dog going forward. We cannot just find a person or family to adopt the dog right out of the shelter, because it takes the dog 3 – 4 weeks of consistency in a foster home to determine its needs and true personality. For long-term success, fostering must occur. We partner with amazing volunteer foster homes who are trained and have the time and ability to give these scared pups what they need following a shock like losing a home.

Calling in reinforcements

During the foster process, we often have to call in experts who will assist us when a dog has a special need identified. This could include specialists in veterinary medicine, pain and joint specialists, acupuncturists, behavior experts and trainers,

Telling the world about the dog

It’s finally time, after obtaining the dog, the mental and physical evaluation, time at a foster home, and needed rehabilitation, we have come to the place where we will be advertising the dog to potential forever humans.

  1. Our website: This is the first and best place to see all about the dogs we have available, the dogs who are still in the evaluation process and will be ready to adopt once it’s been completed, and all the information regarding our rescue in general. https://springerspanielrescue.org
  2. Our FaceBook page: This is a great place to see more photos of happy dogs and adopters, as well as connect with other of our volunteers and supporters. We strive to have a happy, positive community which is dedicated to loving and helping Springer Spaniels. https://www.facebook.com/SpringerSpanielRescueInc/
  3. Instagram: Come for the photos – stay for the fun! https://www.instagram.com/springerspanielrescue/

So there you have it! If you have any questions about how we at SSRI do things, please contact us and stay tuned to our blog, website, and social media.