Springer owners have relayed to us over the years:

“Springers are the best of the Spaniels.”

“I grew up with a Springer and s/he was the best dog.”

“They are intelligent and because they’re a spaniel they want to please their humans.”

“Once you have one, they are like potato chips you want another and another and another”

English Springer Spaniels have a long lineage from Spaniels, they were bred to be sporting dogs who would after a good run come home and be a quiet companion. Highly intelligent and sensitive to their humans’ wants and desires, they perform inside and out as two different personalities.

A quick google review tells us many stories through art and history. Spaniels may have originated in biblical times. The original ones might have been smaller to flush out small fowl in the underbrush and then were bred to be larger and accompanied their humans to ancient Britain as faithful companions. Those early dogs have the traits of the current breed of English Springer Spaniels: Beautiful coats with long soft hair, hunters, companions through thick and thin, intelligence to read and please their humans, long flowing tails, the springing nature when on the chase of rabbits and their sweet nature.

In the 1940s, the breed in America was split between the field trial and bench or show dogs. We lovingly know them as Fieldies and Bench. Each can have energy and hunting ability but the fieldies are often bred to have high energy throughout their lives. The Bench have been bred for show purposes. Today each is a loving dog but with different drives.

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