National Pet Fire Safety Day Window Clings (2 window clings)


National Pet Fire Safety Day Window Clings (2 window clings) npfsdwc-001

We are pleased to announce that our first big fundraiser of the year will launch today: National Pet Fire Safety Day Window Clings - You Will Receive 2 Window Clings Per Order!

National Pet Fire Safety Day is July 15th and according to the AKC, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually by home fires. Nearly 1,000 house fires each year are accidentally started by homeowner' pets according to the National Fire Protection Association.

This event was started to spread awareness about how pets can start home fires but more importantly how to prevent them.

To both spread awareness of National Pet Fire Safety Day and importantly to raise funds for Senior Spaniel Rescue, we are selling Pet Safety Window Clings. This is a very important fundraiser for us to raise funds for the many Springers in our care, several requiring expensive medical treatment. In 2016, we took in 21 Springers; we are only half way through 2017 and have already taken in 18 Springers. It is a busy year for us.

To further support Senior Spaniel Rescue, will you please share the fundraiser on your personal Facebook page and ask your Facebook friends to purchase a set of window clings?

Only 500 sets of clings are available for purchase; the cost of $10 includes postage and handling.

For all of those involved in Senior Spaniel Rescue, from those who foster and have adopted Springers, to the many individuals working behind the scene to support this great organization, we send our sincere appreciation and thanks. We could not help as many Springers without each and every one of you

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